Powerline adapters

"Network through socket". Devices which uses internal power lines , household power line, for creating a local network. I`ll talk about Powerline adapters.

The optimal way of developing the local network

  • You don`t know and don`t want to know how to build a local network
  • You do not want to tear off skirting in all rooms for for laying out wires
  • You need to build a local network in a rented apartment
  • You need connected to the network device in a place that did not planned, before renovation your apartments
  • You need quickly to build a local network in the new office or in a country house


It takes 60 seconds to built a local network.  Description the process of building a local network:

15 seconds - plug into the outlet 1st adapter and connected it to internet cable

15 seconds - plug into the outlet 2nd adapter (e.g. in another room)

15 seconds - plug into the outlet 3rd adapter (e.g. on the second floor of your private house or apartments)

15 seconds - wait until the adapter will establish a stable connection between themselves (each other)

That`s all. Now you can connect your devices

SUMMARISE ALL: Local network in 60 seconds.  Independently, without the knowledge or special skills.

Powerline adapters:

Model Data rate Distance Prices:
DEVOLO dLAN® 500 Wi-Fi (500Mbps) 500Mb/s 300m  
DEVOLO dLAN® 500 Wi-Fi (500Mbps) (set of 3 pieces) 500Mb/s 300m price
DEVOLO dLAN® 500 AVmini (500Mbps) 500Mb/s 300m  
DEVOLO dLAN® 500 AVplus (500Mbps) (set of 3 pieces) 500Mb/s 300m  

DEVOLO dLAN® 500 Wi-Fi

(with adapter manufacturer's website)

Wi-Fi, wherever you want it

The perfect combination: dLAN® powerline technology and Wi-Fi Finally, full-strength reception for smartphones and tablets Including one-of-a-kind WiFi Move Technology Integrated fast Ethernet connection Compact and unobtrusive design Product description

dLAN® 500 WiFi technology combines the latest technology and unobtrusive design with the best Internet connection. As a Powerline adapter, the dLAN® 500 WiFi uses internal power lines as a long cable, thereby bringing the Internet to any room. The integrated wireless LAN also provides complete Internet coverage to every nook and cranny. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have full-strength coverage right from the start without any problems. An additional terminal device can be connected at any time (such as a Smart TV or game console) using the additional fast Ethernet connection. Intelligent WiFi Move Technology provides even more freedom: Now, smartphones, tablets and laptops are automatically connected to the Internet – the best Wi-Fi reception in any room or floor automatically! And the compact and unobtrusive design can be integrated into any residential interior without looking out of place. The dLAN® 500 WiFi from devolo brings the future to your home.

Examples of use:

Option of using DEVOLO dLAN® 500 Wi-FiOption of using DEVOLO dLAN® 500 Wi-Fi

DEVOLO dLAN® 500 AVplus

(with adapter manufacturer's website)

Faster than a network cable or Wireless LAN - the best and easiest connection for your digital world

With 500 Mbps, it is perfect for bandwidth-intensive HD and 3D transmissions and ideally suited for entertainment products such as IPTV Set-Top-Boxes

dLAN® 500 is faster than a network cable or Wireless LAN-for future-proof networking throughout the home! *

Equipped with Gigabit-LAN port

With integrated electrical socket. No power outlet goes to waste, and the integrated mains filter ensures the best possible data transmission

Simple, fast and secure-backed up by our 3-year warranty!

Full compatibility with all 200AV HomePlug AV adapters Inside Geeks

Product description

Make use of the home network of the future today, and connect computers and consumer electronics via the household power line-with the dLAN® 500 AVplus! All devices can be connected to each other and the Internet quickly, easily and securely. dLAN® reaches speeds of up to 500 Mbps and features even higher performance than network cables or WLAN-and that without WLAN picture stutter or the need to route cables. And with its integrated electrical socket, no power outlet goes to waste.

Examples of use:


* based on replacing all 100BASE-T Ethernet cabling by dLAN® 500


Mediaconverter-sfp-plus-10g-copper-160Converter 10G:
SFP+  -->>  10G RJ45

Programmer transceivers GBIC, SFP, SFP+

Package contents:
Programmer GBIC, SFP, SFP+  -  1pc.
The optical transceiver with which the programmer is tested before shipping to the buyer -  1pc.

Programmer GBIC, SFP, SFP+read more ...

Firmware modules

GBIC optical transceivers
GBIC optical transceiversGBIC transceivers
1G GBIC: WDM, Duplex, Copper, CWDM

SFP optical transceivers

SFP WDM optical transceiversSFP Duplex optical transceiversSFP Copper transceiverSFP CWDM optical transceiversSFP SFF optical transceivers
WDM, Duplex, Copper, CWDM, SFF 2x5

SFP+ optical transceivers
SFP+ optical transceiversWDM SFP+ optical transceivers
10G SFP+: WDM, Duplex, CWDM

XFP optical transceivers
XFP optical transceiversWDM XFP optical transceivers
10G XFP: WDM, Duplex, CWDM


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