GBIC optical transceiver
reprogrammable module GBIC

GBIC optical transceiver


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Optical transceiver GBIC

Comparing with the modules SFP, form-factor is a little bit outdated but still actively used.
Currently the transceivers GBIC WDM (BiDi, bidirectional) are mainly used.
such GBIC modules work using only a single optical fiber.

Transceivers / modules reprogrammable
and can be reprogrammed to ensure compatibility firmware with equipment Cisco, HP (HP Procurve), Intel, Moxa, Juniper, Brocade, Extreme, D-Link, ...

Programmer transceivers GBIC, SFP, SFP+Programmer transceivers

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Model GBIC transceiver   Data rate   Distance   Wavelength   Connector

   Modules GBIC Copper (reprogrammable)

GBIC Copper 1.25G 100m RJ-45   1.25Gb/s 100m  Copper RJ-45

   Modules GBIC Duplex (reprogrammable)

GBIC Duplex 155M 10km SM SC   155Mb/s 10km 1310 SC
GBIC Duplex 1.25G 10km SM SC   1.25Gb/s 10km 1310 SC

   Modules GBIC WDM (reprogrammable)

GBIC WDM 155M 3km SM SC 155Mb/s 3km 1310/1550
GBIC WDM 155M 10km SM SC 155Mb/s 10km 1310/1550
GBIC WDM 155M 20km SM SC 155Mb/s 20km 1310/1550
GBIC WDM 1.25G 3km SM SC 1.25Gb/s 3km 1310/1550
GBIC WDM 1.25G 10km SM SC 1.25Gb/s 10km 1310/1550
GBIC WDM 1.25G 20km SM SC 1.25Gb/s 20km 1310/1550
GBIC WDM 1.25G 40km SM SC 1.25Gb/s 40km   SC
GBIC WDM 1.25G 80km SM SC 1.25Gb/s 80km   SC

   Modules GBIC CWDM (1270nm-1610nm)

GBIC CWDM 1270 1.25Gb/s 80km 1270nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1290 1.25Gb/s 80km 1290nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1310 1.25Gb/s 80km 1310nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1330 1.25Gb/s 80km 1330nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1350 1.25Gb/s 80km 1350nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1370 1.25Gb/s 80km 1370nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1390 1.25Gb/s 80km 1390nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1410 1.25Gb/s 80km 1410nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1430 1.25Gb/s 80km 1430nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1450 1.25Gb/s 80km 1450nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1470 1.25Gb/s 80km 1470nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1490 1.25Gb/s 80km 1490nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1510 1.25Gb/s 80km 1510nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1530 1.25Gb/s 80km 1530nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1550 1.25Gb/s 80km 1550nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1570 1.25Gb/s 80km 1570nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1590 1.25Gb/s 80km 1590nm SC
GBIC CWDM 1610 1.25Gb/s 80km 1610nm SC

1. Possible to execute production on lead-free technology RoHS (Lead Free).
2. Maximum operating distance may vary in characteristics within small limits.

 Compatibility transceivers:

Also you can buy a programmer and change the firmware transceivers by yourself.

  • Programmers transceivers can improve compatibility transceivers with hardware: Cisco, HP (HP Procurve), Intel, IBM Blade, Moxa, Juniper, Brocade, Extreme, etc.

Mediaconverter-sfp-plus-10g-copper-160Converter 10G:
SFP+  -->>  10G RJ45

Programmer transceivers GBIC, SFP, SFP+

Package contents:
Programmer GBIC, SFP, SFP+  -  1pc.
The optical transceiver with which the programmer is tested before shipping to the buyer -  1pc.

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Firmware modules

GBIC optical transceivers
GBIC optical transceiversGBIC transceivers
1G GBIC: WDM, Duplex, Copper, CWDM

SFP optical transceivers

SFP WDM optical transceiversSFP Duplex optical transceiversSFP Copper transceiverSFP CWDM optical transceiversSFP SFF optical transceivers
WDM, Duplex, Copper, CWDM, SFF 2x5

SFP+ optical transceivers
SFP+ optical transceiversWDM SFP+ optical transceivers
10G SFP+: WDM, Duplex, CWDM

XFP optical transceivers
XFP optical transceiversWDM XFP optical transceivers
10G XFP: WDM, Duplex, CWDM


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