XFP optical transceiver
reprogrammable module XFP

XFP optical transceiver

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Optical transceiver XFP

Transceivers / modules reprogrammable
and can be reprogrammed to ensure compatibility firmware with equipment Cisco, HP (HP Procurve), Intel, Moxa, Juniper, Brocade, Extreme, D-Link, ...

Model XFP transceiver  Data rate  Distance  Wavelength  Connector  Prices: 

   Modules Duplex XFP (reprogrammable)

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10Gb/s 300m 850nm Duplex, LC  
(compatible with HP)
 10Gb/s  300m  850nm  Duplex, LC  
XFP-10GB-LR pdf button 10Gb/s 10km 1310nm Duplex, LC  
XFP-10GB-LR 10Gb/s 20km 1310nm Duplex, LC  
XFP-10GB-ER 10Gb/s 40km 1550nm Duplex, LC  
XFP-10GB-ZR 10Gb/s 80km 1550nm Duplex, LC  

Modules WDM / BiDi XFP 10km, 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km (reprogrammable)

Modules WDM / BiDi XFP
 Data rate   Distance  Wavelength
XFP WDM / BiDi SFP-10G-LR 10km     10Gb/s  10km 1270/1330
XFP WDM / BiDi SFP-10G-LR 20km  10Gb/s  20km 1270/1330
XFP WDM / BiDi SFP-10G-ER 40km  10Gb/s  40km 1270/1330
XFP WDM / BiDi SFP-10G-ER 60km  10Gb/s  60km 1270/1330
XFP WDM / BiDi SFP-10G-ZR 80km  10Gb/s  80km 1490/1550

Modules СWDM XFP 20km, 40km, 80km, 120km

Modules CWDM XFP Data rate   Distance Wavelength   Channel
CWDM XFP 10G 1270nm    10Gb/s 20/40/80km    1270/* 27
CWDM XFP 10G 1290nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1290/* 29
CWDM XFP 10G 1310nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1310/* 31
CWDM XFP 10G 1330nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1330/* 33
CWDM XFP 10G 1350nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1350/* 35
CWDM XFP 10G 1370nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1370/* 37
CWDM XFP 10G 1390nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1390/* 39
CWDM XFP 10G 1410nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1410/* 41
CWDM XFP 10G 1430nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1430/* 43
CWDM XFP 10G 1450nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1450/* 45
CWDM XFP 10G 1470nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1470/* 47
CWDM XFP 10G 1490nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1490/* 49
CWDM XFP 10G 1510nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1510/* 51
CWDM XFP 10G 1530nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1530/* 53
CWDM XFP 10G 1550nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1550/* 55
CWDM XFP 10G 1570nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1570/* 57
CWDM XFP 10G 1590nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1590/* 59
CWDM XFP 10G 1610nm 10Gb/s 20/40/80km 1610/* 61

Модули DWDM XFP [C-Band] 80km, 120km

Модель DWDM XFP трансивера   

中心波长 Центр
длины волны, (nm)

DWDM XFP 10G C17 1563.86nm C17 191.7 1563.86
DWDM XFP 10G C18 1563.05nm C18 191.7 1563.05
DWDM XFP 10G C19 1562.23nm C19 191.9 1562.23
DWDM XFP 10G C20 1561.42nm C20 192.0 1561.42
DWDM XFP 10G C21 1560.61nm C21 192.1 1560.61 
DWDM XFP 10G C22 1559.79nm C22 192.2 1559.79
DWDM XFP 10G C23 1558.98nm C23 192.3 1558.98
DWDM XFP 10G C24 1558.17nm C24 192.4 1558.17
DWDM XFP 10G C25 1557.36nm C25 192.5 1557.36
DWDM XFP 10G C26 1556.55nm C26 192.6 1556.55
DWDM XFP 10G C27 1555.75nm C27 192.7 1555.75
DWDM XFP 10G C28 1554.94nm C28 192.8 1554.94
DWDM XFP 10G C29 1554.13nm C29 192.9 1554.13
DWDM XFP 10G C30 1553.33nm C30 193.0 1553.33
DWDM XFP 10G C31 1552.52nm C31 193.1 1552.52
DWDM XFP 10G C32 1551.72nm C32 193.2 1551.72
DWDM XFP 10G C33 1550.92nm C33 193.3 1550.92
DWDM XFP 10G C34 1550.12nm C34 193.4 1550.12
DWDM XFP 10G C35 1549.32nm C35 193.5 1549.32
DWDM XFP 10G C36 1548.51nm C36 193.6 1548.51
DWDM XFP 10G C37 1547.72nm C37 193.7 1547.72
DWDM XFP 10G C38 1546.92nm C38 193.8 1546.92
DWDM XFP 10G C39 1546.12nm C39 193.9 1546.12
DWDM XFP 10G C40 1546.12nm C40 194.0 1545.32
DWDM XFP 10G C41 1544.53nm C41 194.1 1544.53
DWDM XFP 10G C42 1544.53nm C42 194.2 1543.73
DWDM XFP 10G C43 1542.94nm C43 194.3 1542.94
DWDM XFP 10G C44 1542.14nm C44 194.4 1542.14
DWDM XFP 10G C45 1541.35nm C45 194.5 1541.35
DWDM XFP 10G C46 1540.56nm C46 194.6 1540.56
DWDM XFP 10G C47 1539.77nm C47 194.7 1539.77
DWDM XFP 10G C48 1538.98nm C48 194.8 1538.98
DWDM XFP 10G C49 1538.19nm C49 194.9 1538.19
DWDM XFP 10G C50 1537.40nm C50 195.0 1537.40
DWDM XFP 10G C51 1536.61nm C51 195.1 1536.61
DWDM XFP 10G C52 1535.82nm C52 195.2 1535.82
DWDM XFP 10G C53 1535.04nm C53 195.3 1535.04
DWDM XFP 10G C54 15.34.25nm C54 195.4 15.34.25
DWDM XFP 10G C55 1533.47nm C55 195.5 1533.47
DWDM XFP 10G C56 1532.68nm C56 195.6 1532.68
DWDM XFP 10G C57 1531.90nm C57 195.7 1531.90
DWDM XFP 10G C58 1531.12nm C58 195.8 1531.12
DWDM XFP 10G C59 1530.33nm C59 195.9 1530.33
DWDM XFP 10G C60 1529.55nm C60 196.0 1529.55
DWDM XFP 10G C61 1528.77nm C61 196.1 1528.77

Модули DWDM XFP [L-Band] 80km, 120km

Модель DWDM XFP трансивера   

中心波长 Центр
длины волны, (nm)

DWDM XFP 10G L62 1610.06nm L62 186.2 1610.06
DWDM XFP 10G L63 1609.19nm L63 186.3 1609.19
DWDM XFP 10G L64 1608.33nm L64 186.4 1608.33
DWDM XFP 10G L65 1607.47nm L65 186.5 1607.47
DWDM XFP 10G L66 1606.61nm L66 186.6 1606.61 
DWDM XFP 10G L67 1605.74nm L67 186.7 1605.74
DWDM XFP 10G L68 1604.88nm L68 186.8 1604.88
DWDM XFP 10G L69 1604.03nm L69 186.9 1604.03
DWDM XFP 10G L70 1603.17nm L70 187.0 1603.17
DWDM XFP 10G L71 1602.31nm L71 187.1 1602.31
DWDM XFP 10G L72 1601.46nm L72 187.2 1601.46
DWDM XFP 10G L73 1600.60nm L73 187.3 1600.60
DWDM XFP 10G L74 1599.75nm L74 187.4 1599.75
DWDM XFP 10G L75 1598.89nm L75 187.5 1598.89
DWDM XFP 10G L76 1598.04nm L76 187.6 1598.04
DWDM XFP 10G L77 1597.19nm L77 187.7 1597.19
DWDM XFP 10G L78 1596.34nm L78 187.8 1596.34
DWDM XFP 10G L79 1595.49nm L79 187.9 1595.49
DWDM XFP 10G L80 1594.64nm L80 188.0 1594.64
DWDM XFP 10G L81 1593.79nm L81 188.1 1593.79
DWDM XFP 10G L82 1592.95nm L82 188.2 1592.95
DWDM XFP 10G L83 1592.10nm L83 188.3 1592.10
DWDM XFP 10G L84 1591.26nm L84 188.4 1591.26
DWDM XFP 10G L85 1590.41nm L85 188.5 1590.41
DWDM XFP 10G L86 1589.57nm L86 188.6 1589.57
DWDM XFP 10G L87 1588.73nm L87 188.7 1588.73
DWDM XFP 10G L88 1587.88nm L88 188.8 1587.88
DWDM XFP 10G L89 1587.04nm L89 188.9 1587.04
DWDM XFP 10G L90 1586.20nm L90 189.0 1586.20
DWDM XFP 10G L91 1585.36nm L91 189.1 1585.36
DWDM XFP 10G L92 1584.53nm L92 189.2 1584.53 
DWDM XFP 10G L93 1583.69nm L93 189.3 1583.69 
DWDM XFP 10G L94 1582.85nm L94 189.4 1582.85 
DWDM XFP 10G L95 1582.02nm L95 189.5 1582.02 
DWDM XFP 10G L96 1581.18nm L96 189.6 1581.18 
DWDM XFP 10G L97 1580.35nm L97 189.7 1580.35 
DWDM XFP 10G L98 1579.52nm L98 189.8 1579.52 
DWDM XFP 10G L99 1578.69nm L99 189.9 1578.69 
DWDM XFP 10G L00 1577.86nm L00 190.0 1577.86 
DWDM XFP 10G L01 1577.03nm L01 190.1 1577.03 
DWDM XFP 10G L02 1576.20nm L02 190.2 1576.20 
DWDM XFP 10G L03 1575.37nm L03 190.3 1575.37 
DWDM XFP 10G L04 1574.54nm L04 190.4 1574.54 
DWDM XFP 10G L05 1573.71nm L05 190.5 1573.71 
DWDM XFP 10G L06 1572.89nm L06 190.6  1572.89 
DWDM XFP 10G L07 1572.06nm  L07 190.7  1572.06 
DWDM XFP 10G L08 1571.24nm  L08 190.8  1571.24 
DWDM XFP 10G L09 1570.42nm  L09 190.9  1570.42 

* - Wideband Receiver

1. Possible to execute production on lead-free technology RoHS (Lead Free).
2. Maximum operating distance may vary in characteristics within small limits.

 Compatibility transceivers:

Also you can buy a programmer and change the firmware transceivers by yourself.

  • Programmers transceivers can improve compatibility transceivers with hardware: Cisco, HP (HP Procurve), Intel, IBM Blade, Moxa, Juniper, Brocade, Extreme, etc.


Mediaconverter-sfp-plus-10g-copper-160Converter 10G:
SFP+  -->>  10G RJ45

Programmer transceivers GBIC, SFP, SFP+

Package contents:
Programmer GBIC, SFP, SFP+  -  1pc.
The optical transceiver with which the programmer is tested before shipping to the buyer -  1pc.

Programmer GBIC, SFP, SFP+read more ...

Firmware modules

GBIC optical transceivers
GBIC optical transceiversGBIC transceivers
1G GBIC: WDM, Duplex, Copper, CWDM

SFP optical transceivers

SFP WDM optical transceiversSFP Duplex optical transceiversSFP Copper transceiverSFP CWDM optical transceiversSFP SFF optical transceivers
WDM, Duplex, Copper, CWDM, SFF 2x5

SFP+ optical transceivers
SFP+ optical transceiversWDM SFP+ optical transceivers
10G SFP+: WDM, Duplex, CWDM

XFP optical transceivers
XFP optical transceiversWDM XFP optical transceivers
10G XFP: WDM, Duplex, CWDM


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