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10G Mediaconverter SFP+ : RJ45 10G-T

10G Mediaconverter SFP+ Port (Slot) // RJ45 10G-T

10G Mediaconverter SFP+ Port (Slot) // RJ45 10G-T 10G Mediaconverter SFP+ Port (Slot) // RJ45 10G-T 10G Mediaconverter SFP+ Port (Slot) // RJ45 10G-T

10G mediaconverter (also a media converter) is a device that converts a signal propagation medium from one type to another at a speed of 10 Gb/s.

MAIN Applications

  • Connection between fiber to copper 10Gbps Ethernet equipment function as fiber-to-copper media converter for long distance transmission
  • Media converter for network backbone (SAN, LAN, MAN)
  • Can be applied in Telecommunication room, R&D laboratory, Data center, and etc.

KEY Feature

Support Jumbo Frame;
Transparent Transport and very low delay;
Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength;
Support DMI function for SFP+ fiber module;
Support Loopback test function;
Economic In-band Management function;
Powerful Network Management function (Web, SNMP, Console);
Support hot plugging;
Support 2U Rack (16 channel) and standalone use;
Full State Led display;
Easy installation;
UTP cable length detection (only RJ45 interface);

Technical Information

Parameters Technical Information
Transmission Speed 10Gb/s
Protocols IEEE802.3an (10Gbase-T), IEEE802.3ae (10Gbase-R/LRM)
Access Type 10G LAN
Interface Type Type: 10G SFP+ // RJ45 10G-T
Transmission Distance
  • SFP+ module: Up to 120km
  • 10Gbase-T:     100meters Cat 6a, Cat 7 cable
Maximum Packet Forwarding Rate 14,880,950/S
Network management information:
  • Card type information
  • SFP+ fiber module detection
  • SFP+ fiber module DMI function (Temperature, Voltage, Optical power)
  • Link status detector
  • Enable/Disabled Loopback test function
  • UTP cable length detection (only RJ45 interface)
  • Remote card's status monitor (only in pairs)
power requirement Rack-mountable : AC 85 ~ 220V or DC -48V
Standalone:         AC 220V or -48V
Power consumption: ≤4W
Work Environment Operating Temp: 0~ 50 ℃
Storage Temp: -10~ 70 ℃
Humidity: 5%~90% (non-condensing)
 Dimension  Card : 11.5mm ( W ) × 78mm ( D ) 
Standalone : 156mm ( W ) × 128mm ( D ) × 32mm ( H )

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