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Stickers for marking CWDM, DWDM - "DimSet"

Stickers for marking CWDM, CCWDM, DWDM - (DimSet CWDM, DimSet DWDM)

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Moisture-resistant polymer stickers for CWDM, DWDM marking:

  • in a standard case 19"
  • in 2 * LGX case
  • in 4 * LGX case
  • in a sealed design
  • just for marking CWDM / CCWDM in ODF (oh horror :)

Tested for labeling in the tightest possible position of adapters (see photo of labeling in 4 * LGX housing).
Stickers adhere well to adapters and multiplexer (or ODF) housing, but are easy to remove and leave no residue after removal.

We recommend white stickers.
They are as close as possible to the parameters of effective marking.

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