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10G/1G Universal Server Network Card 1x 10G SFP+ port (x520, Intel 82599EN)

10G/1G Universal Server Network Card 1x 10G SFP+ port (x520, Intel 82599EN Based)

Server Network Card (Intel 82599EN Based) DOES NOT REQUIRE SFP compatible with Intel.
You can use any SFP transceivers (do not need to reprogram the SFP for Intel).



Transforming the data center through a reliable and unified 10GbE network 

Two versions are available

  • 82599ES — Dual-port serial 10 GbE backplane interface for blade implementations  (includes the 82599EB SKU functionality plus KR and SFI interfaces).
  • 82599EN — Single-port serial 10 GbE SFI interface for blade implementations. 


  • PCI Express* 2.0, Dual port 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller  deliver the performance that demanding applications require.
  • Industry-leading product innovations for I/O virtualization that are ideal for the dynamic data center.
  • Unified networking support simplifies the network infrastructure by allowing LAN, SAN, and IPC traffic to share the same data center fabric.
  • Energy-efficient design with integrated SFI/KR PHYs that creates new opportunities for Blades and LAN-on-motherboard (LOM) solutions.
  • High-volume stable architecture with broad operating system support.
  • Advanced features such as Receive Side Coalescing, Intel® Ethernet Flow Director, and support for PCI Express* 2.0 help deliver new levels of 10GbE performance
  • Intel® Virtualization Technology 1 for Connectivity (Intel® VT-c) delivers industry-leading I/O virtualization capabilities that provide flexibility, scalability and mobility
  • Advanced unified networking capabilities, including support for lossless Ethernet, iSCSI acceleration, NAS, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) offloads help consolidate data center networks onto a single Ethernet fabric

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