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XENPAK => SFP+ converter adapter

Converter 10G interfaces XENPAK-SFP+, adapter, (reprogrammable)

XENPAK => SFP+ converter adapter 10G interfaces xenpak sfpplus 2 100x100

Converter 10G interfaces XENPAK-SFP+ (adapter XENPAK-SFP+) allows the use of modern optical transceivers with SFP+ form factor (10 Gbit/s) in equipment with XENPAK (10 Gbit/s) ports. You can use SFP+ Copper, SFP+ Duplex, SFP+ WDM, SFP+ CWDM, SFP+ DWDM modules.

From our point of view, buying an XENPAK-SFP+ converter is a more efficient solution, compared to buying an XENPAK transceiver.


  • versatility: You can use both XENPAK and SFP + interfaces;
  • saving: SFP+ transceivers are much cheaper than XENPAK transceivers (currently).

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