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QSFP28, CFP, CXP 100G modules transceivers

QSFP28, CFP4 100G, CFP2 100G, CFP 100G, CXP 100G

QSFP28, CFP4, CFP2, CFP 100G modules transceivers

Modern and high-speed types of optical transceivers standard 100GBASE (100Gb/s).



  • Initially, operating temperature range Commercial: 0 ... 70℃ (32 ... 158℉).
    Upon request, modules are produced with temperature range Industrial: -40℃ ... +85℃ (-40℉ ... 185℉).
  • Possible to execute production on lead-free technology RoHS (Lead Free).
  • Maximum operating distance may vary in characteristics within small limits.

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