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10G SFP+ (8G~16G) modules, transceivers

10G SFP+ Duplex, SFP+ WDM (BiDi), SFP+ Copper (10G-T), SFP+ CWDM, SFP+ DWDM

sfp 1g duplex 100x100 sfp 1g copper sfp 1g wdm bidi

The modern type of optical transceiver SFP+ 10G+ standard 10GBASE (10Gb/s). Over time, these SFP+ 10G+ modules will replace XFP optical transceivers. Currently, transceivers SFP+ 10G+ 10G WDM (BiDi, bi-directional) are more often used.

** - Optical budget: 20km ~10dB, 40km ~16dB, 60km ~20dB, 80km ~24dB, 100km ~30dB.


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