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Patch-cords Simplex / Duplex / Uniboot

Optical patch cords: SM/MM, Simplex/Duplex/Uniboot, SC/LC/FC/ST/MT-RJ/E2000

Optical patch cords: SM/MM, Simplex/Duplex/Uniboot, SC/LC/FC
  Standard patch cords3m (9.8ft)  
patch-cord-mm-3m-lc-lc-01x50 Patch-cord MM LC/UPC-LC/UPC 3m (9.8ft) duplex patch-cord-mm-3m-lc-lc-02x50  patch-cord-mm-3m-lc-lc-03x50
patch-cord-sm-3m-lc-lc-01x50 Patch-cord SM LC/UPC-LC/UPC 3m (9.8ft) duplex patch-cord-sm-3m-lc-lc-02x50  patch-cord-sm-3m-lc-lc-03x50
patch-cord-sm-3m-sc-sc-01x50 Patch-cord SM SC/UPC-SC/UPC 3m (9.8ft) duplex patch-cord-sm-3m-sc-sc-02x50  patch-cord-sm-3m-sc-sc-03x50
patch-cord-uniboot-mm-3m-01x50 Uniboot Patch-cord MM LC/UPC-LC/UPC 3m (9.8ft) duplex patch-cord-uniboot-mm-3m-02x50  patch-cord-uniboot-mm-3m-03x50
patch-cord-uniboot-sm-3m-01x50 Uniboot Patch-cord SM LC/UPC-LC/UPC 3m (9.8ft) duplex patch-cord-uniboot-sm-3m-02x50  patch-cord-uniboot-sm-3m-03x50

Also we offer other patch cords:

  • Cable: simplex (single-fiber), duplex (two-fiber), indoor, outdoor, hanging, military (black), with screen, armor, ...
  • Fiber: multimode, singlemode
  • Connector: SC, LC, FC, ST, MT-RJ, E2000
  • Polishing: UPC, APC, PC
  • Length: any

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