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CCWDM (compact CWDM) MUX / DEMUX module

CCWDM (compact CWDM) CCWDM (compact CWDM) CCWDM (compact CWDM)

The CCWDM module is a wavelength division multiplexing technology based on TFF (thin film filter). It works in the same way as the CWDM module. The difference is that CCWDM adopts free space technology, Compared with the CWDM module, its package size is greatly reduced, and the insertion loss is lower and the consistency is better. It can replace CWDM products and be used in TC, enterprise network, PON network, CATV and other fields.


  • Lower Insertion Loss. Lower insertion loss makes CCWDM module have lower signal attenuation in operation, thus reducing the power requirement of signal transmitter.
  • High Isolation. The higher isolation value enables sufficient signal isolation during multi-signal transmission in the CCWDM module, effectively preventing crosstalk between signals and reduces distortion of the transmission signal.
  • Mature Production Process. The CCWDM module has mature production technology, stable and reliable performance, supports the work in the harsh environment of - 25~+70 ℃, and ensures the stable transmission of signals.

Free Space Technology.
The CCWDM module uses free space technology and uses an independent sealed space to transmit optical signals. It works in the same way as CWDM. It inputs (outputs) optical signals from COM, and then outputs (inputs) optical signals through TFF (thin film filter) at other ports.


 Normal CWDM Fiber Stage Mode  CCWDM Free Space Technology
cwdm sheme  ccwdm sheme 


The free-space design of CCWDM modules makes it possible to easily incorporate performance monitoring. ccwdm with monitoring


Compact Design.
The CCWDM module o adopts parallel optical path connection stage, which is different from the optical fiber connection stage of CWDM, which saves significant space. The package size of CCWDM module accounts for about 1/4 of CWDM.

 ccwdm compact

The product of CCWDM module has the characteristics of low insertion loss, high channel isolation and high environmental stability and reliability. It adopts free space technology and compact package size design. It can replace CWDM products and be used in TC, enterprise network, PON network, CATV and other fields.

The presence of an expansion port UPG port - allows you to easily combine multiplexers into chains.
for example: 8 (1310 ~ 1450) + UPG port and 8 (1470 ~ 1610) + UPG port = full MUX 16CH.

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