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Video SFP+ SDI modules, transceivers

Video SFP+ SDI: SD, HD, 3G, 6G, 12G, Duplex, CWDM, BiDi, Coaxial

Video SFP Video SFP Video SFP Video SFP

Video transceiver is designed to transmit/receive data rates from 50Mbps to 11.88Gbps. Compliant with SMPTE ST 2082-1 (12G UHD-SDI), ST 2081-1 (6G UHD-SDI), ST424 (3G SDI), ST 292-1(HD-SDI), and ST 259 (SD-SDI). Video transceiver supports SDI pathological patterns signals. 


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Be Careful When Choosing Video SFP Transceiver

As video SFP transceiver can be designed with dual transmitters, dual receivers, single transmitter or single receiver, you should be careful when choosing video SFP transceiver. If you need unidirectional transmission, then you can use single SDI SFP transmitter and single SDI SFP receiver for single signal, dual transmitters and dual receivers for dual signals. If bidirectional transmission is required, you can use video SFP transceiver which has transmitter and receiver built in one module. Besides, there are SDI CWDM SFP and SDI BiDi SFP. The SDI CWDM SFP can transmit signals at different wavelengths, and SDI BiDi SFP can mix and transmit multiple wavelengths simultaneously over the same fiber. Both of them are cost-effective solutions. What’s more, the choice of fiber optic cable must be compatible to the type of video SFP transceiver.

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